Generate Fake data

August 5, 2015

Author: Nicola Pietroluongo

This package can generate fake names and other types of fake data.
It is an extensive framework for generating fake data of several types for

different purposes. Currently it can generate:
- Fake single data like for instance a name, surname, integer, text, etc..

- Fake complex data like for instance of a person: name, surname, hobby,

country, etc.

- Fake data in different languages

- Fake regular expression data like for instance an url ‘/www.\’

- Fake data for entering in a database table rows

- Fake Twig template string like for instance “Hello Mr {{ surname }}”

- Fake data to set to PHP object properties or using setter functions
It can output the generated fake data in JSON, array and string formats.
The configuration may be read from an array or file in the formats YAML,

XML, PHP, text and INI.
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